ФОТО: Убавица што заработува 20.000 долари од меч


Оваа сезона во УФЦ за првпат настапи атрактивната 26-годишна Рејчел Остович која ја нарекуваат и „Вондер Вумен“, а има и зошто.

Young & HUNGRY👊🏼💥🧠❤️🙏🏻 Thank you all for the overwhelming response to Wednesday’s episode!! I’m glad you guys enjoyed the fight. This was a fight that I was so happy to get even if it was in the quarter finals. 😆 When I first signed with #invictafc Barb was the reigning 125 lb champ! I knew one day I would face her. Not knowing couple years down the line it would be in the first ever 125 lb UFC TUF house!!! #history How amazing God is. I know we can complain about a lot here but honestly it’s just not my time yet. #Godstiming I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Being able to go to battle with a championship level fighter was an honor of mines and something I dreamed of. I am still learning and growing everyday & am especially proud of the growth that has took place just in this short year. I appreciate all the love and inspiring heartfelt messages! You guys are so amazing. Ughh i ❤️ you guys so much. Don’t count me out. I’ll be back (terminator voice) lol 😂 #wonderwomanvibes✨#weighins #TUF26 #jeremiah29:11 #TYJESUS

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Ултимејт фајт од сезонава е побогата за атркативната Рејчел Остович кој што веќе во првата борба покажа што знаае и умее откако за 60 секунди ја нокаутираше далеку поискусната Карин Геворгиан и притоа заработи 20.000 долари.

🌈Hawaii livin🌴

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Поради Остович дополнително скокна и гледаноста на УФЦ, па на оваа девојка  која доаѓа од Хаваите ако се суди според почетокот и предстои блескава кариера.


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